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My Tipping Point and How I Turned It All Around

It's Thanksgiving 2011 and I just stepped on the scale, after the big meal, in full clothes and shoes. Ridiculous, right? I mean, why wouldn't I wait until the next morning, before I had eaten anything and gotten fully dressed? Because I wanted to see the absolute worst. Read More

10 Habits of Highly Healthy People

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be healthy and happy all the days of your life? What would that even look like? What would you have to do and will it be hard? I surveyed the healthiest women I know (health coaches, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, environmentalists and the like) and found out exactly what they do each and every day to stay young, healthy, fit and feeling alive. Read More

5 Superfood Swaps That Will Save You Serious Cash

Healthy foods, especially superfoods, have a notorious reputation for being expensive, and a lot of people use that as an excuse to grab fast food and sacrifice their health. Fortunately, there are plenty of nutrient-packed foods proven to protect against cancer, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, and more – that won’t break the bank. Read More

3 Ways to Create a Wellness Tribe Wherever You Are

Isn’t it nice when you can let your hair down and just be yourself? When you can share your personal passion, struggles, or vision for the future, and have someone to turn to with questions, someone who actually “gets” you on a deeper level? That’s what a wellness tribe is all about! Read More

Quitting Caffeine: Is it Right For You?

About five years ago now I finally quit caffeine, after trying to ween off it for months. I simultaneously had radically changed my diet and started exercising regularly, so between all that, I had more energy on the daily than ever before. More energy from NOT drinking coffee every day? Absolutely! Read More

5 Simple Systems to Help Reach Your Goals

We all have big dreams and long to-do lists but why is it that some people are so good at actually accomplishing things, while others constantly feel like they’re struggling to catch up? Read More

7 Powerful Principles for Developing Beliefs That Serve You

“Nothing you can say can convince me.” Has anyone ever said that to you, or have you found yourself saying that to a well-intentioned friend? We all have our beliefs, some stronger than others, and we definitely like to hold on to them. But did you know that your beliefs can change? Read More

Is Hummus Healthy For You?

Have you ever wondered if those little tubs of hummus you find at the grocery store are actually healthy for you? Hummus is marketed as a healthy snack option, but is it really? Read More

Meditation: Your Questions Answered and Its Dramatic Effects on Your Life

I was first introduced to meditation when I was about twelve to help combat regular headaches. My parents took me to a brother/sister doctor team practicing alternative solutions to common medical problems. They prescribed a series of guided meditation cassettes they had recorded. I would listen to a tape each night in bed before drifting off to sleep and it definitely helped. Read More

How to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Home Without Dieting

Whether you want to lose weight or get a promotion at work, you need to master productivity. You’ll never be able to fit in workouts, healthy meals, and meditation if you’re constantly procrastinating and not making the best use of your time. Read More

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