Fall Renewal: An Excellent Time for Change


Fall is a perfect time to try something new. If you’re feeling fed up, at the brink or even thinking it’s hopeless, take advantage of the autumn chill and crispness in the air.

Everything is changing and so can you. Fall bird migrations are happening, soon the leaves will be changing, temperatures are already dropping.

Have you been wanting to launch yourself into a whole new lifestyle? Give up gluten? Dairy? Or maybe you eat healthy enough and want to start moving your body more regularly.

The season change is an excellent opportunity to get inspired and explore a new way of eating, being and doing. 

For me, food has always been an interesting area to explore, and besides stress, what makes us gain weight anyway?

Permanent Starts with Temporary

Doing a cleanse/detox or sampling a new type of diet (paleo, vegan, low carb, etc.) could be your way to ring in the new. Fall is a clean slate and can be your motivator to get up off the couch and make a new plan. And it gets to be temporary.

It’s easier to commit to a short two-week process, as long as you’re willing to learn along the way and aim to adopt some new tools and tricks. Most diets aren’t meant to last forever (diets don’t work, remember?). But you’ll always walk away with something you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle that sticks.

If you’ve already been feeling like you're ready for a change, but weren’t sure when or how to start, now could be your time. Talk to your loved ones or friends for support, get ideas, books & recipes, and choose a start date. This is it, *first name*. The moment you’ve been wondering about.

If you’re still holding to it when the holidays come up, try new recipes using new ingredients, like gravy using vegan butter and gluten free flour, or pumpkin pie using maple syrup and/or coconut sugar instead of white refined sugar.

You’re bound to learn something new about nutrition and health, things you didn’t even imagine existed. You thought you ate pretty healthy already, huh? It’s probably time to let go of habits that aren’t working and expand on those that are. Your desire to improve your physical well-being is at the forefront, so come on, it’ll be fun!

I Did This

In October 2011, I decided to try a raw diet for about 2 weeks. I was about 4 sizes too big, feeling quite uncomfortable and not myself. I had tried vegetarian before and was eating [cooked] vegan and vegetarian meals a few times a week, but all raw was completely foreign to me.

“Can I eat raw fish?” I asked my husband, a long-time vegetarian. “No, it’s raw vegan,” he clarified. “Oh, so sushi’s out?” Bummer.

It sounded so extreme, but also fresh, healthy and I believed I could lose weight, which I had been wanting for awhile. Perhaps I was feeling a little desperate and willing to try anything. I mean, I was bigger than probably ever before, so yeah, I was very ready and willing.

It did seem radical, but it opened my eyes to so many new foods and techniques I had never used before. Nutritional yeast, nama shoyu, date paste, soaking cashews, fermenting grains, say whaaat?

After the two weeks, fascinated by a new level of understanding, I proceeded to stick with a vegan diet, incorporating cooked foods as well, and some decadently delicious raw desserts.

This was my catalyst. Sampling this new diet didn’t make me want to live like this forever, but I certainly upped my health game, lost a bunch of weight and never looked back.

Try New Now!

Losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle can be daunting and confusing at first. It’s hard to know exactly which direction to go in, who to trust and follow, and how to continue preparing meals for the whole family.

The point of trying something totally new and foreign is to break old patterns and kickstart change. If not now, when?

Use the season change as an excuse. Tell everyone in the house that this is what you’re going to do for the next 10 days (at least), grocery shop for everything the day before you plan to start, and then start.

Fad diets aren’t meant to be followed forever. It’s an opportunity to educate yourself on what works for your body, which foods feel best to you when you eat them, which meals you enjoy preparing that are easy and convenient, and which ones aren’t.

Explore, practice, try, experiment and take notice. Gradually you’ll morph any diet into your own personal, unique lifestyle that is sustainable and effective. You’ll be a whole new you!

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what you’ve tried in the past that worked or what you’ve been thinking about trying. What are your desires regarding your health and well-being and what inspires you to make changes? Leave me a comment below.

To learn more about a raw vegan diet, visit any one of the following masters: @AniPhyo, @juditawignallliving, @pureveganfood

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