7 Healthy Habits to Choose From - Adopt One Today!

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Did you read my blog post a little while back about how easy it can be to get healthy and feel your best? I assured you that taking (at least) one small, simple, fun action leads to long-lasting change that helps you feel energized, young, pain- and illness-free, and empowered.

If you missed it, check it out here, and now enjoy this follow-up...

There will be no dieting or “trending” here. I’m talking about shifting your old (bad) habits, the ones that clearly aren’t serving you, and adopting one small new healthy habit that you’ll take with you to the grave.

It’ll be the thing you answer when younger folks ask, “How have you managed to stay so healthy all these years? You look amazing!”

You can always take a break from what may seem like a regimented, disciplined way of eating, but think of your new habit as a forever kind of thing. Consistently and frequently do your new, healthy practice in order to truly make it habitual and upgrade your lifestyle.

And later, once you become well versed and a pro at your new habit, you can take breaks from it now and again, and then get right back into your default groove.

Here are 7 new habits to choose from, one you could adopt right now:

1. Drink green juice

You don’t have to give up a thing if you choose this. All you have to do is ADD one green juice to your daily (you can work up to this) diet and you’ll start to feel more energy, clearer skin and a clearer mind. Don’t have a juicer? These days juice bars are cropping up all over and they serve up some supercharged green ones too!

2. Switch to decaf

If you missed my blog post on quitting caffeine, check it out here. Giving up your beloved morning joe can be hard, especially since caffeine has addictive properties, but if you’re ready to calm your adrenal glands and run optimally without the help of this stimulant, then try adjusting your scoop ratios. 4 scoops regular, 2 scoops decaf one week, then half and half, then eventually 100% decaf in your daily coffee pot.

3. Drink a green smoothie for breakfast daily

Only a smoothie in the morning might be tricky for you if you’re attached to or, shall I say, proud of your current breakfast routine. But if you’re thinking it’s time to make improvements to your first meal of the day, this new habit is for you!

Green smoothies are full of fiber and nutrients to get you going, they’re plenty filling to last you until lunch and boy are they delicious and varied. There’s so much creativity to be had in making morning smoothies. To get you started, check out my smoothie recipes here. And if you’re really feeling inspired, run out and buy Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Juice.

4. Walk for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week

Choose a time you’ll step out your front door and start moving. Based on your work or school or kids’ school schedule, when is a realistic time each day you can do this? Are you a morning person who loves to get things done first thing so you can move on with the rest of your day?

Do you feel more energized in the afternoon or early evening when it has cooled off and the light is changing? Pick a time and make that your new, regularly-scheduled appointment for exercise. Put it in your calendar if you have to!

5. Cut out gluten, dairy, sweeteners or meat (pick one)

Develop a meaningful way of eating and living that feels in line with your core purpose. OK, this is getting serious now. Yep, I’m suggesting that you choose one of the above items and completely cut it out of your diet. Forever. You heard me right.

But also remember what I mentioned above, you get to take breaks down the line. But only after you’ve really developed life without this item, no longer crave it and hardly ever think about it. Sounds crazy, huh? Your belly, shape, mind and inner being will thank you for it and you’ll be amazed by how easy it really is. Commit and reap the rewards.

6. Shop at farmers markets weekly

Focus on eating real, whole food first: vegetables and fruit, grains, nuts and seeds, fermented vegetables, kombucha and unsweetened yogurt and superfoods. Identify your favorites and really embrace those in the beginning. Keep them regularly stocked in your kitchen and plan to get through them before they go bad. Don't overbuy.

Then fun foods trickle in occasionally and in very small quantities at a time: crackers, chips & popcorn, chocolate & cookies, meat & dairy and pasta. You don’t need any of this, so consider them treats.

Merriam-Webster says a treat is “an especially unexpected source of joy, delight or amusement”. While this sounds amazing and pretty much what life is all about, a treat in the form of sugar, fat and/or salt should be viewed as something you neither expect, nor want, to have everyday.

7. Meditate daily

Some say that meditation is the key to everlasting joy in life on this planet. It raises your vibration, quiets your mind and brings everything you want immediately to you. So if you’re looking to improve your life in the areas of physical health, financial abundance, satisfying career and beautiful relationships, start a daily meditation practice today, even if it's only 10 minutes.

Most problems in our life arise from compulsive and excessively self-critical thinking, so if you can stop the noise for even 5 minutes a day, you’re well on your way to being and having all you want. For real.

So tell me! Head on down to the comments below and share some of your tricks, tips and successes in the area of developing new healthy habits.

Have you found yourself proud of kicking an old habit? Have you recently adopted a new habit that’s been easy for you? Share with us here and let’s rejoice in our awesomeness. Thank you!

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