Getting and Staying Healthy is Easy


Does it feel like a never ending uphill climb to reach a state of health and well-being? Like a state of being that belongs forever in your past, when you were young, wrinkle-free and bounding with endless energy? Well, guess what? I’m here to tell you - promise you! - that health is achievable at any age, from any condition, from wherever you are right now. No exceptions.

What do I mean by “health”? Little to no pain in your body, stamina and endurance, ease of movement, disease-free, a smaller body that feels comfortable and light, restful sleep, a clear mind. You can have all this, I mean it! And the real kicker is, it doesn’t have to be hard. At all.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is the mental side of things - your thoughts. Believing (thinking) that change can occur, even at your age, can be tricky and seemingly impossible. Understand that you’re not stuck like this, that your body can and will shed weight, detoxify, heal and move better.

But put that aside for now. Maybe you don’t actually have to be fully on board mentally with this dream before you start. Give it over to someone or something else for now and start your journey towards health by saying quietly in your head, “I’m on my way to a healthier body.”

Then sit back and watch the amazing things that happen in your life. Soon you’ll be saying, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me!” All of the choices you make on an hourly, daily and weekly basis will begin to lean in a more positive, healthy direction. Every conversation, action and thought will become more positively expectant, more optimistic and aligned with who you really are = Healthy!

Tidbit: By the way, did you know that well-being is our default setting? Yep, the only reason we ever get sick, overweight, stressed or down is because we are resisting our natural state of health & happiness.

In a lot of cases, change begins with awareness. Admitting that there’s a problem, or acknowledging that you do indeed want to make changes to your physical well-being, will automatically put you on the path.

I know from personal experience that thinking about and choosing healthier foods can feel overwhelming and impossible. We all have our decadent love affairs with things like french fries, scones, drive-thru burgers and chocolate chip cookies.

And who wants to give that up? I mean, isn’t that the point of life, to enjoy ourselves? And how can we be expected to hold back when this stuff is everywhere? The kids are requesting pizza for dinner again, your office co-worker brought in a tray of homemade coffee cake, it’s the holidays and the dessert table is abundant. What’s a girl to do?

This trapped, out of control feeling is often associated with the fear of breaking up with these “fun” foods. It can feel like you’re giving up your whole life as you know it and that you’re embarking on some crazy, difficult journey you know nothing about, and that no one will support.

It’s that kind of thinking that creates the overwhelm and likely stops you dead in your tracks. It feels easier to keep going the way you’re going now, stick to what you know and don’t rock the boat.

But THIS is what I really want you to hear: Taking one small step in the right direction is simple! And what that step will be is totally up to you. You get to decide what you can handle and what feels right to you. And you know best which areas need the most improvement.

So what’s it going to be?

  • Change your breakfast [to something healthier] once a week?
  • Start walking for 20 minutes on Saturdays?
  • Switch just four of your favorite produce items to organic?
  • Make sure you eat a dark leafy salad at least once a week?
  • Eat one vegetarian meal every Tuesday?
What one small thing can you start implementing into your life today? Choose something that won’t feel difficult and, most of all, will NOT feel like you’re on a diet. Oh that word. That’s one thing you could change -  stop ever saying that you’re “on a diet”. Don’t ever say that again. This term connotes “short term” “difficult” “struggle” “will power” “discipline”.

I want your new, healthy life to be fun and very, very long term, as in forever. There’s no need to suffer through some fad experiment that only leads you right back where you started. Instead, think about sustainable, lasting change that helps you reconnect with the real You.

What have you learned?

Believing in the impossible, coupled with small, simple, fun actions leads to long-lasting change that helps you feel energized, young again, pain and illness-free, and empowered.

Take a moment right now to write down three simple changes that you could implement, and then pick ONE to start with. It could be food related, or exercise, or a change to your purchasing decisions at the grocery store or restaurants. You pick. Make sure it’s something you imagine yourself easily doing from now on, for the rest of your long, healthy life. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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