7 Powerful Principles for Developing Beliefs That Serve You


“Nothing you can say can convince me.” Has anyone ever said that to you, or have you found yourself saying that to a well-intentioned friend? We all have our beliefs, some stronger than others, and we definitely like to hold on to them. But did you know that your beliefs can change?

Some beliefs, especially those that get in the way of our becoming who we want and having what we want, are worth considering letting go of. Let’s dive into what a belief is, how to recognize whether or not you should cling to it, and what’s possible for your life.


According to merriam-webster.com, the “Simple Definition of Belief” is: noun | be-lief | \bə-‘lēf\  A feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true. A feeling that something is good, right or valuable. A feeling of trust in the worth or ability of someone.

Wow! Can you see right away how a negative belief about someone, or even yourself, can be limiting? “A feeling of trust in the worth of someone.”

Ask yourself: How do I feel about myself? How do others feel about me?

Have you ever had a friend or loved one doubt you? Or do you doubt yourself? You can change this today by first changing what you say about yourself (outloud or in your head), and then watch how the new thoughts feel. More on this later.  

There is no right or wrong

And did you see that word “right” in the definition? I believe there is no absolute, universal right and wrong. That there is no judge or jury or overriding opinion that rules. This is your life. What feels right to you is completely personal and can change in a moment. Whose “right” are we following anyway? Our own? Our parents’? Society’s?

Feel your way there

Did you notice that each definition starts with “feeling”?

Ask yourself: What thought would feel better?

Ask this each time you have a thought, or hold a belief that brings up feelings of frustration, anger, fear, overwhelm or insecurity. This is how you know a belief is not serving you, and your work is to find a better-feeling thought. (By the way, a belief is a thought you keep thinking.)

Break from old habits

You can begin to recognize old patterns of thought and beliefs that don’t serve you. What do I mean by that? If they feel bad, they’re not serving you. Nothing good will come from feeling bad about something, seeing something or someone in a bad light and going down the rabbit hole of negativity. Are you coming down on yourself or someone close to you? Are you stuck in a belief, obsessing and staying in that bad-feeling place too much of the time?

It works the same for big things and small

So, which thought feels better? What thoughts and beliefs can you muster that then conjure feelings of relief instead, or love or joy, elation, excitement, enthusiasm, calm, or peace? If for no other reason, develop a new belief that simply feels good. In fact, all of the beliefs that you hold to be true, should feel good when you think and talk about them. Because isn’t that actually the reason for wanting anything in this life: to feel great when we have it?

I’m not only referring to small things here, like “the 91 freeway is always traffic-y” or “I’m sure they won’t let us change our reservation.” You can apply this to the big things in your life and change those old habits of thought in your head that have been holding you back. “I can’t achieve what I want because I don’t have the proper resources.” “I can’t get healthy and slim and live longer because this is just how I was made (it runs in the family).” “My job sucks and I’m not respected at work.” You can let all of that go anytime you decide to.

The world is yours

Anything is possible and nothing is stagnant or permanent. There is no, “This is how it is.” Everything is temporary, so how do you want it to be? Start believing in the power of your imagination, especially if you’re not right now where you’d like to be. Believe it is possible to change and then start envisioning a better situation. Picture the conditions you prefer. What does that look like? How will it feel when you get there? What will happen as a result?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start taking desperate action to get there. Simply let these new visions and feelings sink in. Experience them now, even if you don’t have everything yet. Give these new feelings and thoughts a chance to become a new belief, a firm new point of attraction that feels good when you think about it.

Believe in yourself

I believe in you, powerful creator that you are. I believe that your life can be better than you’ve imagined in years. I want you to start believing in yourself. Think about what you want and know you can have it. What do you believe and does that belief feel good to you? That’s all that matters, truly.

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