Detoxing: Is the New Year Enough of a Reason?

Are you feeling like a recharge and realizing that you ate way too much sugar, even for this time of year? Well, why not flush it all out and start fresh? Just like that pile of junk on your desk or the glove compartment in your car, the junk drawer in the kitchen or old books in the garage...It’s time to cleanse, purge and feel anew. Toxins can build up in your body from all of the little indulgences over time. Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, sugar and unhealthy fat (think potato chips) are found in all kinds of snacks, desserts and store-bought products that we tend to eat even more of around the holidays. Drinking more water is always a good rule of thumb, but it’s not gonna cut it. Your body would love for you to really get rid of all offenders by giving it a break and filling it with nothing but pure nutrients.

So what kind of detox should you do, and what all is involved? Let’s start with how many days you’re willing to devote to cleaning up your act. One? Three? A week? 10 days? If you want a quickie, like 1-3 days, you probably could go more severe, like liquid only. This may or may not include blended drinks and raw soups. The idea here is to give your digestive system a little vacation and break down the food before consuming it. So juices*, smoothies, blended raw soups and water will help move the bad out and add the good in.

With a longer detox, anywhere between a week to 3 weeks, you could add in salads (no bottled dressing!), homemade vegetable soup, steamed veggies and even quinoa, which is easier to digest than most grains. In fact, quinoa isn’t really a grain, but we’ll get into that another time. The key is to keep your meals simple, whole, soft, nutrient-dense and healthy! No artificially processed, chemicalized food-like substances. That’s substance abuse! As the days go on, you may start to experience some typical detox symptoms that can be cold/flu-like, such as aches, chills, or fatigue. This is perfectly normal and more importantly, temporary. Say it with me, temp-o-rary. Stick it out and don’t fret. You’ll come out the other side a whole new person!

This is so good to do regularly throughout your life, meaning at least once a year. I can’t stress that enough. To drive this point home...You don’t eat well a lot of the time and you’re most likely constipated a lot of the time. You don’t feel well, you’re sluggish, unmotivated and general illing. You be illin’, as they say. Straight up sick yo. I know you will love feeling energized, clear, bright, excited and enthused. I really want you to feel this way; you’re going to just love it! Oh, and by the way, detoxing is easy. No, really. Especially if you do a shorter one. And if you’re scared, that’s what I recommend. I’m hesitant to recommend a full-on fast, which would be either water only or juice* and water.

And then if you’re feeling brave and ambitious and want to take it a step further…Do an enema. Home enema kits are available at most convenience stores like CVS or Walgreens, or you can pay a little extra and remove a little extra by visiting a clinic that administers high colonics. This will effectively and thoroughly move all that gunk out, along with some older, grosser mucus and remnants. You do not want that inside you. But likely you’ll successfully move things along on their own by eating and drinking a healthy variety of fruits and raw or gently cooked veggies.

Are you ready to get started? Head over to the home page, send me your deets and let’s talk about it. I can help walk you through a detox of any length, and I may even do it with you!

* Juice is fresh squeezed, unpasteurized or homemade in your juicer.

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