Summertime Shift

Yep, it's that time again. Summer is here, the kids are out of school, the weather is balmy and the beach is calling. It's a blessing and a curse, am I right? There's little to no routine, but somehow it's hard to feel grounded and truly relaxed. This is where some me-time comes into play.

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the kids not having a daily school schedule and ship them off. That’s right, I said it. Get rid of them. You know exactly how it feels when they go to school, your husband leaves for work and the house is finally quiet. It’s divine. So whether it's camp, their other parent's house, their grandparents', wherever. Yes, moms, I'm saying let's give ourselves some well deserved self-care and solo time to reboot and wind down. Your health is at stake!

Week On - Week Off

I'm divorced from my kids' father, and in the summer, we adopt a week on-week off schedule. Which means not only do I get to hang with the kids for a whole week straight, I also get an entire week off. These are the glory days. Deep relaxation sets in, I can think clearly and I actually have time to figure out, What do I want to do? For me?

Now let's break this down. The kids are gone right? I mean, they are sleeping away at someone else's house for seven days in a row. I usually start the week by cleaning and tidying up the house so that I can enter my week with serenity and clarity. That means anything belonging to the little buggers goes in their room and out of sight. This is Mom's time, and I'm an adult with adult furniture. 

There is nothing specific that has to happen here and it's completely individual. But the main goal is to recharge. Do some yoga. Eat a healthy meal. See a rated R movie with your husband or girlfriends. Sleep in late. Stay up late. Enjoy a cocktail. Get a manicure. Visit a day spa. Take a hike. Whatever it is that you love to do, and feel like you never have time for. Which by the way is never true, but that's for another post. 

Are you worth it?

The question is, do you deserve this? Is this allowed? The answer is a resounding Yes! Of course you are worthy, and guess who benefits from all this besides yourself. Your kids! When they come back after a week away, not only do they miss you, but you are completely refreshed and revitalized, ready to care for them and ready to have fun. Self-care puts you in a giving, lighter frame of mind. You no longer feel drained by your parental duties, but rather refreshed and excited to love them up!

It’s the summertime shift. Shifting from the regular school routine to a more calming and peaceful existence. This is a shift in energy, a shift in perspective. You will feel renewed and re-energized, ready to take on the challenges of motherhood. So let’s recap: call your parents or your ex, arrange for the kids to be away for a week at a time, and then call the spa. I give you permission. By the way, this applies to Christmas vacation too. Enjoy!

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