Smoothies: Creating a Favorite Recipe To Call Your Own

I’ve been putting almond butter in my smoothies lately and it is truly divine. I first got the idea from Alejandro Junger’s book Clean Gut, so I ran right out and bought myself a jar of unsweetened, unsalted, creamy almond butter. Not that I hadn't bought almond butter before, but it had been quite awhile and I don’t think I’d tried it in a smoothie. With its omega 3 fatty acids, almond butter is more mineral-rich than peanut butter, and still gives a similar, decadent, shake-like quality. But this post is not about almond butter. It’s about all of the wonderful, experimental and delicious things you can put in your smoothie to create your absolute favorite combination of flavors that keep you coming back to this perfect breakfast. That’s right, a full 16 oz. smoothie - one to fill your tall glass - is a whole meal that should and can last you until lunchtime. Once in awhile I want a little something extra before noon, but usually this is plenty.

Now let’s get down to it. What’s the big whoop about a smoothie? Well, it’s a very fast and easy way to get nutrients into your body, for one thing. It’s also a wonderful way to get your daily dose of greens. Greens are essential for a healthy body for a multitude of reasons, but these days it seems the best reason is to keep your pH balanced with this alkaline nutrient-rich food. Yes, greens in your smoothie! You won’t even notice them. For more information on the benefits and amazingness of greens, check out Victoria Boutenko’s book, Green For Life. She is a true pioneer of the green smoothie. Ok, now that we’ve got the health and science out of the way, let’s talk taste!

How do we make our smoothies taste delicious so that we keep coming back every morning? This really should be your go-to breakfast, so I want you to love it. So on that note, I’ll start by saying, Please Do Not Put Celery In Your Smoothie! Save it for the juicer. 

Your basic smoothie recipe is banana for that creamy sweet base, fruit, greens and liquid. That’s it. So how do we jazz this up? Use this guide for some creative and delicious additions to the basic recipe:

Smoothie Guide

My mouth is watering just looking at this list. Yum! Mix and match and experiment with what you love. Fresh basil and coconut water are a wonderfully refreshing and tasty combination. Almond butter like I said is thick, naturally sweet and luxurious. I mean really satisfying and filling! In the summer you can add ice. As with celery, I absolutely do not recommend any bitter greens like arugula or romaine, both of which are fine for juicing since the pulp is separated out and tastes less bitter in the end. Let’s keep our smoothies magically delicious, shall we? Yes, they’re for our health, but why suffer in the process? Health food does not have to be unpleasant. For more smoothie recipes, visit my Recipes page. Blend on!

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