8 Ways to Get Moving: How to Regain Your Motivation and Stay On Track

We all need to workout regularly, right? And few of us love it. So what are you gonna do, not work out? You could try that for awhile, but likely the lethargy, guilt and constipation will start to take its toll and inevitably (hopefully) you’ll get fed up. I’m speaking from experience here. 

Here are some ways to get yourself back in the game, as it were, and really learn to self motivate for long-lasting, sustainable (there’s that word again) results. We want to love it, and it’s possible to appreciate all of the wonderfully positive aspects of moving our bodies. But it can feel difficult, boring, tedious and tiring. Right? Make it easy on yourself…

1. Take it Easy. Start slow and easy so that both physically and mentally you can do it. Don’t go hog wild and sign up for a 5K run or Turkey Trot. Begin your new routine by walking out your front door for 15 minutes (yes time yourself) and then turn around and come home, for a total of 30 minutes. If even this sounds like too much, knock it back to 10 minutes out, 10 min back. Really, go easy on yourself because anything is better than nothing.

2. Try to do a little something everyday, even if it’s a couple minutes of stretching. Getting the blood flowing is key to a healthy happy body and a couple forward hangs  then slowly rolling back up, or going into down-dog for a few breaths, can really get things pumping.

3. Breathe. Sitting in meditation may not sound like exercise, but sitting upright and taking a few, full, deep breaths can help clear your mind and release stagnant body fluid. If you’re stiff and have joint trouble, be sure to pad your tush withe plenty of cushions on the floor. Or skip the floor altogether and sit upright in a chair. You get to break the rules, You are the CEO of your own body.

4. Bring the Tunes. Find those headphones and motivate yourself with some rockin’ workout music. You can also listen to your favorite podcast or better yet, call a friend! Nothing makes time go by like distracting yourself and let’s face, we want this workout over with! Am I right? In time of course, you may learn to love your exercise and start declaring that you can’t function properly without it. But for now, we want to be motivated to do it, and get through it.

5. Sign up for a class. One of the best ways to move your butt out the door is to commit yourself to a class somewhere else. Go online, or pick up the phone and sign up. Try something new, or stick to what you know, but either way, pick a day/time and set it up! Then mark your calendar and show up. Research shows that having something slating in your calendar at a specific day and time dramatically increases the likelihood of completion. Besides, variety is the spice of life and after awhile those 30 minute walks around the neighborhood might start to get monotonous (not an excuse to stop exercising!).

6. Grab a friend. Find a walking partner. Someone who is in a similar boat, or maybe even a bit more advanced who can help nudge you along and hold you accountable. (That means make sure you show up.) Because once you’ve decided that getting slimmer and more active is something you want, your friends can be your biggest allies, cheering you on and encouraging your efforts.

7. Put your workout clothes on first thing in the morning. As tempting as it might be, do not put on those baggy, warm & cozy pants and some loose fitting hang around the house tee. Suit up for moving your body as your first outfit of the day, and keep it on until you actual work out! And believe me you will. There’s little more motivating than a tight fitting, adorable little outfit to make you feel like you’re already super fit and sexy.

8. Get your mind right. It’s best to work out when you’re already in a good mood. Seriously. Chances are your body won’t benefit at all if you’re exercising under duress, guilt, shame or any thoughts about yourself that make you feel bad. You’re beautiful as you are, fully intelligent and knowing of all you need to do for your health and well-being. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. So turn up your favorite tunes, have a laugh with your husband, watch a silly Buzz Feed video or whatever you want to relax your thoughts in to a much better feeling place. And then hit the road!

How do you get yourself moving? Comment below and tell me your tricks and tips!

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